Expedia Shows Hometown Team Love With 20-Story Hawkitecture Tribute

What’s 10-stories tall and boasts of local sports team pride? Hawkitecture!

Expedians first tested our Hawkitecture prowess in the run-up to the 2014 Super Bowl with a 10-story mural of Richard Sherman’s immaculate deflection during the conference championship (below left).  

When our home-town Hawks secured a spot in the 2015 Super Bowl, we knew we had to do it again – bigger and better. Our team designed and calculated, recruited volunteers, and used more than 3,000 pages of construction paper (each one representing one pixel!) for an even more impressive mural of Marshawn Lynch (yes, the papers were repurposed afterwards!). The mural was featured on a local news segment (see 10:45 into the segment) and by MyNorthwest.com and The Seattle Times.

We’re looking forward to celebrating more Seahawks wins with the upcoming season. And we’re already dreaming about how to show our team pride at the new campus. Go Hawks!

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