Meet our Expedians: Jason Karas, Trover

Jason Karas is one part of the duo that founded Trover back in 2011, moving to Seattle six years ago to bring this curated photo sharing community to life. An avid traveler, Karas was always asked for tips and recommendations for destinations, and decided to transform the way in which travelers share stories. Today, Trover is a community of travelers and photographers that feeds a flywheel of inspiration around the world.

We chat to Jason about Seattle, travel, work and what keeps him inspired:

What are your three favorite things to do in Seattle?
1. Bringing a visiting friend to Matt’s on the Market for dinner. It’s great northwest food right in the center of Pike Market. 100% Seattle.
2. Taking an afternoon sail in Puget Sound, in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains. Awe inspiring!
3. Taking a family bike ride from Queen Anne to Ballard for lunch.

Favourite apps/cloud services/online tools?
The Windy TV App for sailing weather forecasts. Google Maps always comes in handy, and Google Docs is my favorite service for collaboration.

What do you love most about travel?
How it opens my eyes and triggers curiosity. I love finding quirky things to bring back for my kids.  

What’s your favorite thing about working at Expedia?
The opportunities to collaborate with experts in so many fields: design, technology, marketing, analytics, leadership, and more.

How do you stay motivated at work?
Browsing Trover photos and seeing all the joy that travel creates! Dreaming that we can create the largest community of travelers in the world.

Where do you find inspiration for work? Where do your best ideas come from?
I love reading about behavioral economics and what motivates people. I get inspired by entrepreneurs and their passion to create new things in the face of impossible odds.

Learn more about Trover (like where the name came from!) and Jason Karas’ job on his podcast with Brian Bushlach:

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